Love At Last

Series: Woodbine Valley, Tate Family

When it comes to baking, Jess Tate is a pro. When it comes to love? She’s out of her league.

Jess Tate doesn’t just manage Oak Bramble Inn, she’s the face and heart of it. From filling the kitchen with the scents of melt-in-your-mouth croissants and crisp apple tarts to making sure each guest falls a little more in love with Woodbine Valley—she’s good at what she does. Only, it’s no longer enough. Jess wants to share her life with someone, but has no idea where to start.

When Nathan Vanhelt lost his wife to cancer, a part of him died with her. For years he’s reinforced the walls around his heart, retreating from everyone and anyone who threatened to make him feel again. But when Jess starts dating again, Nathan realizes it's too late; Jess has already made a place for herself in his heart. Suddenly, being alone has lost his appeal, and being with Jess sounds even better than one of her apple tarts.

Jess and Nathan may be drawn to each other, but how do you open yourself to love after playing it safe for so long?

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