50 Blog Post Ideas for Writers

Posted on December 8 2015 in for writers

Want to blog more, but feeling stuck? You are in luck, my friend. I've put together 50 blog post ideas just for you! You can take your pick, or use these as a starting point for creating your own blog post ideas.

Now let’s talk about blog post ideas!

50 Blog Post Ideas for Writers // Have a plan for your blog, but feeling stuck on how to come up with new blog post ideas? Blogging can be a challenge, especially coming up with new post ideas. Never be stuck again! Click through to check out this list of 50 blog post ideas specifically made for writers who blog! >>>>>>

Update September, 2017: I created this list to go along with my 7-lesson Build a Better Blog Challenge. The challenge is no longer available, but I encourage you to join my mailing list to hear about future courses & challenges.

These aren’t just any blog post ideas. I’ve come up with blog post titles that are Search Engine Optimized (SEO) for writers. If you’re unfamiliar with creating SEO-friendly posts and post titles, in this situation that simply means they include keywords and phrases that other writers (or those interested in writing) might enter into search engines. By using SEO-friendly titles you can help people find your posts. (Psst: That’s what we want!)

How to use this list

Pick out titles that stand out to you as topics you would love to write about on your blog. Jot them down, or bookmark this list so you can return to it when you’re stuck.

Let’s go!

50 Blog Post Ideas for Writers

Your writing process

  1. How I [Process Step] My Novels, Examples: How I Revise My Novels, How I Draft My Novels
  2. What I Wish I Knew About Revising (or Editing, Drafting, etc.)
  3. How I Survived NaNoWriMo (or Why I don’t participate in NaNoWriMo)
  4. How I Come Up with New Story Ideas
  5. Where I Write - My Favorite Spots to Get in the Writing Zone
  6. [Number] Things I’ve Learned About Writing
  7. My Favorite Authors, and How They’ve Inspired Me to Write
  8. From Beginning to End, How I Write a Novel
  9. Music (or Musicians) that Inspires Me to Write
  10. What I Do When I Get Writer’s Block

Book recommendations

  1. The [Number] Best Books for [Genre] Writers
  2. [Number] Books to Read Before Starting Your Novel
  3. My Favorite Childhood Classics
  4. [Number] Books to Get You Ready for [Season], Examples: the holidays, summer, fall, spring, etc.
  5. My Picks for [Location] Reads, Examples: beach, vacation/destination
  6. [Number] Recent Favorite [Genre] Reads
  7. The Best Books for Creatives
  8. [Number] Books on Plotting (or Revising, Editing, Drafting, etc.)
  9. Reasons All Writers Should Read [Book]
  10. [Number] Books I Read When I Want to Get Inspired to Write

Tools you use

  1. How I Use [Tool] to Come Up with Story Ideas, Example: How I Use Pinterest to Come Up with Story Ideas
  2. [Number] Apps Writers Should be Using
  3. My [Number] Favorite [Device] Apps for Writing, Editing, and Revising, Example: My 5 Favorite iPad Apps for Revising Novels
  4. [Number] Writers Can Use Pinterest
  5. How to Use [Tool] for World Building
  6. [Number] Ways to Use [Tool] for [Result], Example: 10 Ways to Use Scrivener to Streamline Your Drafting Process
  7. How I Use [Tool] to Collaborate with Other Writers
  8. [Tool] Basics for Writers, Example: Twitter Basics for Writers, Goodreads Basics for Writers
  9. Ways I Use [Tool] to Beat Writer’s Block
  10. Reasons to Use [Tool] to [Result], Example: Reasons to Use Goodreads to Organize Your Reading List

Getting social

  1. This Week’s Best Tweets for Writers (or blog posts)
  2. [Number] Ways to Use Twitter to Connect with Other Writers
  3. How to Survive Your First Writer’s Conference
  4. Social Media for Introverted Writers
  5. [Number] Ways I Connect with the Online Writing Community
  6. How to Make the Most of Online Writing Groups
  7. Reasons to Use [App] to Connect with Other Writers
  8. [Number] Writers I Follow on [App]
  9. Tips for Making the Most of Your Time on [App]
  10. [Number] Ways to Rock [Online Event], Example: 5 Ways to Rock #PitMad

Share resources

  1. My Favorite Writing Websites
  2. The Best Music to Write To
  3. [Number] Best Email Lists for Writers
  4. [Number] Literary Agents I Follow on Twitter
  5. [Number] Songs to Get You in The Writing Mood (or to Inspire You To Write [Genre])

Getting personal

  1. How [Hobby] Helps Me Improve as a Writer
  2. What I Do When I’m Not Writing
  3. Where I Go to Get Inspired to Write
  4. How My [Person or Relationship] Helps Me Write Better Books
  5. [Number] Offline Things Writers Can Do for Inspiration

If you use one of these titles, I would love to see it! Share the link in the comments below and I’ll take a look.

Now it’s your turn! What would you add to this list?